BStitches By Taylor - "Inappropriate wall art for inappropriate people!"

Well, the title just kinda says it all. If you are looking for some cheeky and out there stitchery to go on your walls, check out BStitches By Taylor. The one with the hooker reminds me of an apartment my husband and I once rented.... seriously. Anyway, there are many more hilarious and inappropriate patterns for your perusal in her shop, so click on over!

Art by Aelia

Zombie Peepshow Shoes (aka kaylastojek)

Wooden Wonders by Tomsky

Patterns from Snarky Art Company

Stitching Fun with Horror Stitch

Unique Boutique Place: A Little Bit of Everything

Bwana Devil Art: Pop Culture at its Finest

Lachelly Belly and the Three R's

Creepy Bags and Stuff Made by Pippenwycks